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The staff of 4CollegeWomen is a dynamic multi-talented group of individuals dedicated to women's health education.
Below is a list of the people and resources that have made this website possible:


Susan Blumenthal, M.D. Susan J. Blumenthal, M.D., MPA, Founder/Director 2000 -
Shula Reinharz, Ph.D. Shulamit Reinharz, PhD, Founder 2000 -
Timothy J. Hickey, Ph.D. Timothy J. Hickey, PhD. 2002 - present

Web Managers

Beth Hoffman Beth Hoffman Web Content Manager, 2007 - Present
Andrew Bergal Webmaster, 2007 - 2008

Students: Autumn 2000 - Spring 2003

Esti Schabelman Founding Peer Teacher/Student Manager 2000 - 01
Aaron Rubin Peer Teacher 2000 - 02
Becky Wolf Peer Teacher 2000 - 02
Bridget Ahearn Peer Teacher 2000 - 01

Jennifer Lewey Writer 2000 - 01
Josie Leyman Writer 2000 - 01
Kate Trambitskaya Writer 2000 - 01
Lauren Marsillio Writer 2001 - 02
Manor Lev-Tov Developer 2000 - 01
Margalit Younger Writer 2001 - 02
Margie Pawlowski Writer 2001 - 02
Priya Vimalassery Writer 2000 - 01
Rachel Goren Writer 2000 - 01
Rachel Kulik Writer 2001 - 02
Rinat Peretz Writer 2000 - 01
Sara David Writer 2000 - 01
Tracy Dolin Writer 2000 - 01

Students: Autumn 2002

Arti Dua Developer
Kerry-Ann P. Gordon Developer
Amna Mirza Developer
Ava J. Morgenstern Writer/Developer
Karen Vardi Main Logo Designer
Daniel Zara Developer
Jennie Perez Writer/Communication
Arti Dua Developer

Students: Spring 2003

William F. Burns Developer
Vera W. Chen Developer
David Earls Developer
Jennie Perez Writer/Developer
Phillip G. Reisman Developer
Matthew J. Shuster Developer
Daniel J. Zara Developer
Yin Pick Becky Chan Developer
Ryan J. D'Amario Developer
Arti Dua Developer
Chia-Lin Hsieh FrontPage Developer
Michelle Lee Developer
Amna Mirza Developer
Ava Morgenstern Developer
Amy M. Tu Developer

Students: Summer 2003

Monika Ahmetaj Developer
Amna Mirza Developer
Igor Pedan Developer
Jon Sagotsky Developer
Guy Sivan Developer

Students: Autumn 2003

Valerie Cheng Developer
Saeyoung Chung Writer
Emily R. Cooper Writer
M. Caitlin Fischer-Reid Developer
Daniela R. Jacobson-Fried Publicity
Christina Omori Writer
Igor Pedan JScheme developer
Ludmila L. Shtessel Writer

Students: Spring 2004

Sarah Beckwith Developer
Shari Gabel Developer
Joshua Goldfischer Developer
Kevin Grinberg Developer
Archana Suhas Joshi Developer
Meghan Russ Developer
Kevis Skobac Developer
Seth Young Developer

Students: Autumn 2004

Arielle D. Macher Health Content Developer
Jaina R. Morgan Web Developer
Yelena I. Yatskar Log Analyst

Students: Spring 2005

Arielle D. Macher Health Content Developer
Colleen O'Connor HTML/CSS Developer
Rebecca Schoer HTML/CSS Developer
Jeremy Berk Publicity/Outreach
Alan Miller Publicity/Outreach
Vladmir Reznik Publicity/Outreach
LeAnne C. Shor Publicity/Outreach

Acknowledgements has been developed by Brandeis University college students for college students everywhere. We want to acknowledge the inspiration and resources of "" (a component of the National Women's Health Information Center, a program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). This center was originally envisioned and developed under the leadership of Susan Blumenthal, M.D. However, "" has no affiliation with "" or with the National Women's Health Information Center. We would also like to thank the NWHIC for the permission to adapt its Capitol Room logo for our website.
This website is an information resource center and does not provide medical advice.
Information from website should not be a substitute
for medical advice from a health care professional.